The Paintball White Paper

"Brrrr, Its cold outside". Said a Canadian paintball photographer in January.

Sadly not a game in sight. The whole field covered in snow 3 feet deep.

Out from our igloo as we stood tall thinking. What should we do today. NFTs....

At Paintball NFTs we plan to bring the best of the best to your collection. We have been working tirelessly with associate photographers and players from across the globe to create the largest set of digital collectibles that support minor league play.

Our NFTs are digitally crafted by artists Scott Martin and Keegan Barton. We believe paintball is more than just a sport. It requires a community to keep the sport going for the younger generations.

Our NFTs support minor league play by injecting funds back into the growing community. We have seen time after time, kids come play paintball for a birthday party as renters but then never play again. We have been out in the staging area gaining feedback from parents and have found that the majority of parents are grateful that Paintball has been, and continues to be, a safe way to stay active while adhering to the restrictions put in place throughout this pandemic. A U13 paintball league was the answer.

We have a NXL team owner and former coach in our pits. Our fields are professionally groomed for that perfect slide. Paintball is a grass roots sport with National and International professional competitions. Our collectibles will be here until your grandchildren visit the moon for Christmas vacation.. again..

Collect 1 or collect them all. If you can. Only limited amounts will ever be produced.

We believe in storing our data only with the best of blockchain technology. yanDNA, while still in Beta, has proven to be best source for secure digital storage of our NFTs.